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I have been birding for 41 years. My favorite clients are those who are interested in birds, watching them and even learning about their behavior, not just checking birds off a life list. I enjoy people and want to have fun while birding. As a bird watcher since 1972, I have acquired a broad knowledge of birds, birdsong, habitat and behavior. One of the things I enjoy most about taking people out birding is teaching my clients how to identify birds and how to recall their song. We were in Asheville, NC for 5 years, and Bisbee, AZ 10 years before that. Currently we are house hunting in New Mexico.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Post Christmas Tour out of Casa de San Pedro

Christmas Tour at the Casa de San Pedro
After Christmas, I will be running a four day tour from Dec. 28-Dec. 31 out of the Casa de San Pedro, Hereford, AZ. It should be a lot of fun and with looks at many species of birds. We will hit Ramsey Canyon, Huachuca Canyon, the San Pedro River Conservation Area, White Water Draw and the San Raphael Valley.  Each day we will have a picnic style lunch provided by me. If you choose to stay at the Casa de San Pedro, you will have breakfast each morning. Casa will also offer meals at night for an extra fee as well. Let me know if you want to attend, whether you stay at Casa or not.
 I will be happy to send you the itinerary. 
Just email me at wezilwalraven@gmail.com
or call or text 520-366-6722.
I hope to see you there!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Autumn is Here

Over the Summer I took my good friends and fellow birders to the Mountains. We began the trip in the Chiricahuas. We were alerted to a new sighting of a Mexican Spotted Owl. We got great looks at him and it was a great start to the trip. The target birds were Olive Warbler, so we headed toward Barfoot Park Campground. We did find the Olive Warbler along with other warbler species like Virginia's, Townsends and also the Mexican Chickadee. We spent the second day in the Huachucas focusing on finding the Rufous capped Warbler. We missed it at first but it flew right next to us later and were able to watch it for a few minutes. 
We had heard that there was a hatchling Northern Pygmy Owl up canyon at the first stream crossing in Miller and we tooted, immediately he showed himself. 


We ended the day in the Ft. Huachuca Military Cemetery where my client got this amazing shot.

It is already autumn and I am planning a trip for Thanksgiving with the Casa de San Pedro. It will be one or two days of birding the Sulphur Springs Valley and San Raphael Valley in Southern AZ. If you want to know the details email me at wezilwalraven@gmail.com or call or text 520-366-6722. I would be glad to fill you in!

I will be at the Bosque del Apache during the Crane Festival this year as well. I hope you can come out and see the Crane Spectacular!
I have been leading Birds and Breakfast at the Valle de Oro on certain Saturday mornings. (usually the third weekend of the month)

Check my Facebook page for all the goings on.

Monday, December 11, 2017

The Holidays Upon Us

The Holidays Are Upon Us

I have been busy the past two months participating in various birding events. Last week, I helped teach a Sparrow ID Workshop at the Valle de Oro Wildife Refuge, teaching the volunteers and employees there how to properly identify those Sparrows!

I also took a very large group out from the Sierra Club to the Bosque del Apaceh where I showed them Cranes, Eagles, Water Fowl, Hawks and many more. It was great continuing to work with kids. 
Thanks to Raymond Van Buskirk for this great photo of a N. Saw Whet Owl

In November, I lead and co lead bird and owl tours at the Bosque del Apache Festival of the Cranes. We had large groups for owling and were able to give many folks good looks at the owls. Raymond and I were very pleasantly surprised to find this second record Northern Saw Whet Owl at BdA eating a mouse!

Coming up, Christmas Crane Cruise at the Casa de San Pedro...
Here are the details

8 Hour Tour with Leader Wezil Walraven
Sulphur Springs Valley for Cranes, Hawks, Owls, and so much more!
DEC. 26, 2017
MEET AFTER BREAKFAST (if you are not staying at the Casa that would be 8:45am)

Message me or text or call if you are interested in signing up. 520-366-6722, wezilwalraven@gmail.com

I have been bad about keeping my blog up to date. It has become more difficult. If you want to stay up to date on my events and goings on, please find me on Facebook and follow.