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I have been birding for 41 years. My favorite clients are those who are interested in birds, watching them and even learning about their behavior, not just checking birds off a life list. I enjoy people and want to have fun while birding. As a bird watcher since 1972, I have acquired a broad knowledge of birds, birdsong, habitat and behavior. One of the things I enjoy most about taking people out birding is teaching my clients how to identify birds and how to recall their song. We were in Asheville, NC for 5 years, and Bisbee, AZ 10 years before that. Currently we are house hunting in New Mexico.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Colorado Chickens 2011

Just recently returned from another Prairie Chicken trip to Colorado. We had 14 clients this time, and great weather. We began in LeMar and had great views of Lesser Prairie Chickens and then we hit Wray for the Greater Prairie Chickens. For the second year in a row, we had what appeared to be a second year bird dancing on top of the car trying to attract females. The next stop was Greely where we saw the Greater Sage Grouse. We had about 25 this time. We headed over the Loveland Pass in attempt to find the White tailed Ptarmigan, with no success due to the 60 mph winds and cold temps. Our next stop was Craig for the Sharp tailed Grouse, where we had great views from above onto their lek. There we had a flyby of a Dusky Grouse, the only one we had on the trip. Crested Butte was our next destination, where we walked through downtown for several hours with looks at Brown-capped Rosy-Finches. We ventured up to the ski area where we had all three: Gray-crowned, Brown-capped and Black Rosy-Finches at a bird feeder. A Coyote graced our presence and snuck up under the feed to feast on the seed as well. We had great views of the first arriving McCowen's and Chestnut-Collared Longspurs at the Pawnee Grasslands. As exhausted as I am, I am grateful that we survived this 2500 mile trip. We had a fun group and saw a majority of the targeted birds.

Pictures by George Vlahakis

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