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I have been birding for 41 years. My favorite clients are those who are interested in birds, watching them and even learning about their behavior, not just checking birds off a life list. I enjoy people and want to have fun while birding. As a bird watcher since 1972, I have acquired a broad knowledge of birds, birdsong, habitat and behavior. One of the things I enjoy most about taking people out birding is teaching my clients how to identify birds and how to recall their song. We were in Asheville, NC for 5 years, and Bisbee, AZ 10 years before that. Currently we are house hunting in New Mexico.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hummingbirds and Autumn

This was by far, my most productive trip in August for Hummingbirds. The Hummingbird Trip for High Lonesome Bird Tours had 7 clients who caught on quickly to my coaching, in identifying specifically female hummers. The weather and the birds were cooperative at the feeding stations throughout the Huachucas. At Mary Jo Ballator's great views were obtained for the photographers in the group as well as the rest of the attendants. The highlight in her yard was the Plain capped Starthroat which everyone anticipated seeing with great joy. We had both male and female Lucifers as well as an unusual hybrid: a Black chinned X Costa's Hummingbird. It is a known fact that Hummingbirds are more likely to hybridize than other birds. In Patagonia we had great views of the Violet crowned Hummingbird at Pattons. While waiting for Hummingbird viewing, a Yellow billed Cuckoo  came in and visited for several minutes. This provided the group with great looks and shots for the photographers. We were in pursuit of the known nesting Zone tailed Hawk along the road past the Nature Conservancy Patagonia Preserve. As we stopped along a Cottonwood Grove we were greeted with not only a juvenile Zone tailed Hawk, but also an adult who stayed for 20 minutes while we admired it.

As many of you know, my wife and I have taken up permanent residence in Tijeras, New Mexico. I have had copious numbers of Mountain Chickadees, Juniper Titmice, Pygmy Nuthatches, raucous flock of Pinon Jays, and aggressive Western Scrub Jays, and a few Stellar's Jays as well. I was reminded of who owns this area by going out to my Forerunner one morning and discovering that a spark plug wired had been chewed clean through by a rock squirrel. We knew it was the squirrel because he left some fur behind as his calling card. Because we purchased two casitas completely off the grid, I have been up to my ears in winter preparation, at 7000' elevation. Back to birding come October.
My next private tour will be the first week of Oct at the Bosque del Apache with one of my favorite Texas clients, and her birding buddy from NJ. We will be in pursuit of newly arriving Sandhill Cranes, Snow Geese, Waders, Ducks, Raptors and more.
Look forward to my next posting mid Oct. I am working on getting some pics of the Hummer Trip from a wonderful client who took some great shots. So check back....

Pictures courtesy of Sharon Lynn ©2012
Thank you Sharon!

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