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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Post Southwest Wings Birding Festival (22nd year)

I finished up my 15th year as a guide for the Southwest Wings Birding Festival. I lead three field trips and two owling tours. Thanks to the assistance to the manager of the San Bernardino Wildlife Refuge, Bill Radke for co leading the owl tours with me. His night vision binoculars came in very handy for the best views of Western Screech Owls.

Following the festival I met up with some of my favorite clients, Mary Kay Gardner, Debbie Haile and Deidre Asbjorn. We were fortunate enough to run into John Dunn and his group from a WINGS tour, and spent a couple of hours merging our groups for great looks the White eared Hummingbird, and beyond that great looks at Apache Goshawks training their chicks to feed. Afterwards my small group and I headed to Mary Jo Ballator's for optimum hummingbird viewing. A Costifer showed up at the feeders, a hybrid of a Costa's x Lucifer. A very interesting hybrid. Hummingbirds tend to hybridize more than any other known bird species.

Later that evening we ventured up Ramsey Canyon Road to my favorite Owling spots. The Western Screech Owls provided us with great views, as he did for the Southwest Wings tours. My clients got some great shots...

Due to their parental duties the Whiskered Screech Owls were not showing themselves. 
The Mexican Spotted Owls had babies at Miller Canyon as well, here are some shots that were taken earlier in the day. 

Also earlier in the day we were able to witness the nesting Harris Hawks in Sierra Vista, which provided us with wonderful views of both parent and child. The adults were teaching their young to hunt on their own. It was great fun to watch. 

The strong monsoons made the second day of the tour dubious due to floods, etc. The Fort continued to keep Huachuca Canyon closed, due to high bear activity, so the remainder of the trip was cancelled. But we had a great time while we were out.

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