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I have been birding for 41 years. My favorite clients are those who are interested in birds, watching them and even learning about their behavior, not just checking birds off a life list. I enjoy people and want to have fun while birding. As a bird watcher since 1972, I have acquired a broad knowledge of birds, birdsong, habitat and behavior. One of the things I enjoy most about taking people out birding is teaching my clients how to identify birds and how to recall their song. We were in Asheville, NC for 5 years, and Bisbee, AZ 10 years before that. Currently we are house hunting in New Mexico.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Texas, Belize, Guatemala

Just returned from a 10 day tour for BRANT (Bird Research and Nature Tours) to Belize and Guatemala. This was my introduction trip to Belize/Guatemala. Needless to say the varieties of songs coming from the deep jungle were amazing! 
Our group of 7 + 3 guides, were able to see:
Bat Falcons, Agami Heron, Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture, Ornate-Hawk Eagle, Occilated Turkey
Mottled Owl, Blue crowned and Tody Motmots, King Vulture, Gray cheeked Dove, Red lored Parrot, Aztec Parrokeet, Lesser Swallow-tailed Swift, Green-breasted Mango, Slaty-tailed Trogon,  Black-headed Trogon, Black-cheeked Woodpecker, Chestnut collared Woodpecker, White-bellied Emerald, Rufous tailed, Purple-crowned Fairy Hummingbirds, Long-billed Gnatwren, Royal Flycatcher just to name a few. 
The people of the Belize were extremely friendly and helpful. We took a little side trip to Guatemala for a couple of days as well. Thanks to the expertise of my co leader Raymond Van Buskirk, we were able to tally 250 species of birds for the trip. 
We also had some fantastic mammal sightings, such as Coati, Kinkajou, Spider Monkey, Yucatan Black Howler Monkey…to name a few.

I highly recommend this trip for anyone who has never been to Belize.

At the end of Feb. I co lead a High Lonesome Bird Tours trip to South Texas.
King Rail, Clapper Rail, numerous Green Jays at the feeder, along with North American overwintering warblers: Ovenbirds, Gray Catbird, Carolina Wren, along with Olive Sparrow and Long-billed Thrasher, Buff bellied Hummingbird to name a few. We had great looks at Ringed Kingfisher and Green Kingfisher. It was a fantastic trip with a dozen participants + 2 guides. 

My next trip is the Colorado Prairie Chicken Trip for High Lonesome Bird Tours starting in mid April. This trip lasts 10 days and covers over 2600 miles! It is a rigorous trip with often times temperamental weather conditions. Always makes for an interesting time. 

I plan to spend a lot of time in Southeast Arizona during the Spring and Summer months. 

Contact me if you would like to bird that area from May-August. 
or call 828-575-3107


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