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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Owl 2014

Just returned from a wonderful Owling Tour with three of my favorite clients. It was a four day private tour spending two days, two night in the Huachuca Mountains. There we had excellent looks at Western Screech Owl, and Mexican Spotted Owls with young.
©Mary Kay Gardner
During the daytime we had great views of Sulpher Bellied Flycatchers, Elegant Trogons, all of the Arizona Specialties.

At Casa de San Pedro on the San Pedro River a lovely hacienda style inn. After dinner one evening we were able to view a Barn Owl male feeding young at the nest box. 
©Mary Kay Gardner

On the third day we headed to the Chiricahuas where we spend two days and two nights. 

©Mary Kay Gardner
We stayed at Cave Creek Ranch in Portal. The first evening we were able to draw in a couple of Elf Owls. Due to the lack of water in the mountains we happened upon a wet spot along Cave Creek where we had nearly a dozen species enjoying the moisture. The species included the Elegant Trogon, Painted Redstart, Western Wood Pewees, Black throated Gray Warbler and Plumbeous Vireos.The last night we went up to Rustler Park where I had a cooperative Northern Saw Whet Owl a year before. Within minutes of playing the call we had incredible view of the Saw Whet Owl. We left and the owl was still calling. 
©Mary Kay Gardner

The last day we were driving on Herb Martyr Road in route to view the nesting Northern Apach Goshawk where we encountered a covey of 4 Montezuma Quail.

If you have never birded in southeast Arizona in June you are really missing out. This is the height of the breeding season and the best time to see Owls and neotropical species. 

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  1. PERFECT trip! Such a GREAT time of year to find birds in the Huachuca and Chiricahua Mountains! Wezil outdid himself once again, giving my granddaughter, Sydney (13) her first look at AZ birds and finding her so many of her beloved owls including the Northern Saw Whet - my first one as well! SO MUCH FUN!!!