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I have been birding for 41 years. My favorite clients are those who are interested in birds, watching them and even learning about their behavior, not just checking birds off a life list. I enjoy people and want to have fun while birding. As a bird watcher since 1972, I have acquired a broad knowledge of birds, birdsong, habitat and behavior. One of the things I enjoy most about taking people out birding is teaching my clients how to identify birds and how to recall their song. We were in Asheville, NC for 5 years, and Bisbee, AZ 10 years before that. Currently we are house hunting in New Mexico.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

A couple of Birding Festivals....

Over the past month I have been busy with two birding festivals along with some private guiding in the Huachuca Mtns. Earlier this month my wife and I drove the RV to Harlingen, TX at the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival. She showed her art while I lead several tours: Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge, Sabal Palms Wildlife Refuge, Estero Llano Refuge to view species such as Green Jay, Plain Chachalaca, Black Crested Titmouse, Altamira Oriole, Crested Caracara, along with many overwintering migrants.  Hurricane rains the first two days did not deter our birding efforts. 

After Returning home, three clients spent a day with me in the Huachuca Mountains. One of the highlights of the day was a male Elegant Trogon scolding a roosting Great Horned Owl in Huachuca Canyon. After trekking up the mountain we understood why that Trogon was there as the Madrone Trees were dripping with fruits.  We had several Red napped Sapsuckers, Hermit Thrushes and more Ruby crowned Kinglets than could be counted. 

Bosque del Apache Festival of the Cranes was this past week where I guided with the BRANT team from Albuquerque.  The weather was splendid for the first five days, and the winds picked up the last day.  We had literally thousands of Ross's and Snow Geese, Sandhill Cranes. Raptors included Red tailed Hawks: Harlan's, rufous morphed, Western and Fuertes, Prairie Falcons, Am. Kestrel, Ferruginous Hawk, Merlin and more. Owling trips presented the groups with excellent looks at the Western Screech Owl, Barn Owl, Great Horned Owl. It was a fantastic week of birding.

2015 calendar year looks busy. If you need a guide in the Huachucas, Chiricahuas or at White Water Draw give me a call! 520-366-6722

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